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Providers, Discover the Ultimate Evaluation and Management Job Aid for Success!


Includes Shipping!

Printed Guidance To Stay Current In Rapidly Changing Regulations

Guidance You Can Count On

​Includes information regarding:

  • Inpatient & Outpatient E/M guide

  • Emergency Medicine E/M guide

  • Social Determinants of Health

  • Prolonged Services

  • Critical Care/Split Shared guide

  • Critical Care Frequently Asked Questions

  • Bedside Procedures

  • Moderate Conscious Sedation

  • Advanced Care Planning

  • Chronic Care Management

  • Principal Care Management

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The contents of this job aid were current at the time it was published or provided and is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regards to the subject matter covered. The information provided is only intended to be a guide and should not constitute as rendering any specific coding advice. It is not intend to take the place of either written policy or regulations. We encourage participants to review specific regulations and other interpretive material as necessary.

Master the Evaluation and Management Code Maze with Our Comprehensive Job Aid - Your All-in-One Solution for Success!

With all of the changes that have occurred to the evaluation and management code set in the last few years, do you wish there was a place that compiled everything you needed to know?  With our Evaluation and Management Job Aid, all of the pertinent resources you need to be successful are in one place.  


Each page is filled with pertinent information that can help you stay current and compliant with federal rules and regulations.  From evaluation and management to bedside procedures to critical care,  all of these areas can be confusing due to the constant changes.  Our job aid will provide you with the necessary tips and tricks to be successful.


This job aid is designed in two formats 5 x 7 and 8 1/2 X 11 ideal to meet your needs no matter where you are at.  We have designed it with the provider, coder and auditor in mind.

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